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A little about me.

I started my digital journey as a web designer over 20 years ago.
1999 to be exact.

In fact, my interest in creative started a little earlier, work experience at Cadbury’s in their design studio.

At the time they were producing some packaging for a new Schweppes flavour – I can’t recall which, I was allowed to work up some designs of my own. There I got my first experience processing photos in a dark room which lead to my enthusiasm for photography.

Running a discovery workshop

I went on to teach web design to children and train instructors at an outdoor activity centre, before I landed my first IT job at a telecoms company.

I offered technical support across the entire company which expanded online and lead to my first website designed and built “in the wild”.

At this point I figured that design was the path I wanted to pursue and I sought roles at digital agencies designing corporate websites.

Working amongst talented people, I grew a thirst to learn about all things web. I formed a keen interest in front end development, started building everything I’d design and found delight seeing my designs come to life as a web page. Later, I learnt WordPress and completed the set enabling me to offer a complete web solution.

Front end development for London Luton Airport

It was 2016, I left agency life and ventured into the world of self employment.
And that’s where I am now, helping businesses understand how to make the most of the web.
Agencies too – they trust in me to deliver design solutions and build robust, speedy & accessible websites for their clients.

From workshop facilitation and sketching to SEO, accessibility and modern web technologies, there’s a streamlined process and a knowledge to solve and deliver anything web related.

If you have a challenge that you would like to discuss with me, big or small I’d love to hear from you.

Call me on 07817 533419 or email me

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