A little about me

I’m a designer & front end developer. A large percentage of my business principally involves sketching, wire-framing and visual design-ing to solve a particular problem or problems. I like to experiment with tools and apps although Adobe XD and Invision have currently cemented themselves as my preferred choice to create clickable prototypes, as has the trusted sharpie for sketching.

Running a workshop

Passionate about UX, I balance the needs of users with the business goals of the client, understanding the audience whilst considering client requirements.

I like to build the sites I design and so the remainder of my time is spent hand coding clean, functional HTML using standard, modern web technologies like SASS, Gulp, JQuery & Git to build responsive websites that can be accessed and viewed across all devices.

A decade in the job.

I’ve been creating things on the web for over a decade now and I’m still striving to learn more, things move so fast in this industry where technologies, processes & apps regularly find their way in, to improve workflow. But that’s what I love about this industry; it’s always fresh and interesting.

Sketching at the desk

If you have a challenge that you would like to discuss with me, big or small I’d love to hear from you.

Call me on 07817 533419 or email me stu@stuartchaffe.co.uk.