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I’m going freelance

16th March 2018 was a big day. It was my birthday, but more importantly, I made a decision that might potentially change my life forever.

I quit my job.

I’ve finally taken the leap into the world of freelancing.

I’ve been working in the web industry since 2006 and I am so lucky to be able to enjoy what I do for a living. I’ve had the opportunity to work in some fantastic agencies with some talented people, and that has helped grow my skills in many different areas. Still, I’ve always talked of working for myself by freelancing full time, dreaming that one day I might even build an agency.

People would often ask why I hadn’t “gone freelance”.

I was waiting for the right time.

I was scared and nervous. I still am.

I know, I know I should ” I’d reply. The truth is, it was never going to be the right time. And now, what outweighs the fear is the excitement and relief that I’ve made this decision. The future is in my hands and I can’t wait.

Since making the decision, I have immediately realised how amazing people can be. My friends, family and colleagues have all been extremely understanding and encouraging. I wouldn’t have been able to make this decision without the help and support of my partner. I’ve also realised, or rather confirmed, how much I enjoy calling Sheffield my home. Since moving here 5 years ago and subsequently buying a house, I’ve made some lifelong friends and joined a fantastic, growing community who will all be hugely important for me if I am to succeed.

It’ll have its ups and downs, it’s going to be a journey and I hope you’ll be part of it. If you need a designer, a front end developer or WordPress guy, please get in touch.

Thank you so much,
07817 533419