Amrita Nutrition

Transforming business operation with an eCommerce website.

Amrita Nutrition is a premium supplier of high quality, superior nutrition supplements. We helped them to design a new platform and a processes which increased sales and freed the owner up to grow his business. This platform completely changed their back office manual processes and increased efficiency throughout the business.

When Amrita approached Quba, they were doing really well as a business but their branding and website hadn’t been looked at for some time so that became the obvious place to start. We helped source and select a local branding agency, which is where our good friends at Side by side came in. They were great to work with and created an approach to the branding that gave us plenty of options when it came to designing the website.


Amrita home page


A lot of work was done up front to establish a set of personas, and wireframes were produced that were later tested by a variety of their existing customers. Once the functionality had been agreed, we selected a platform which would best fit their requirements. The site was built in Magento v2 by the developers at Quba.


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Amrita mobile designs


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