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hello world

The only name for my first post, right?

I’ve been talking about starting a blog for a while now and in an attempt to stick to one of my many new years resolutions, it’s here. Finally; my first blog post.

Until today I’ve been coming up with excuses, what would I write about? How would I write interesting enough content? How would I not regurgitate content already published, in most cases a good few months behind?

I love my job, I’ve been doing it for over a decade now. I work as a designer and front-end developer for Quba in Sheffield where I relocated, to be with my beautiful girlfriend. I do a small amount of freelance work and I am always out of the house doing some sort of sport, running, hiking, football or squash and I love to travel to see new places. Where would I find time?

I haven’t figured that out yet, truth is I just need to make time, make a start and the confidence will grow.

My reasons for writing are simple, I hope to become a better writer for doing so and by writing I believe to gain an even better understanding of the given subject.

I’ll be writing about all things web related, design and front-end ‘stuff’ I find useful and I may even throw in things that interest me about running; my other love.

I expect to look back at these early post in a few years and giggle, the sooner that happens the better but for now, I’ll hit publish.

Here goes.