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Improving user experience with a modern design

Iodine Global Network

IGN is a non-profit organisation working for the sustainable elimination of iodine deficiency worldwide. A action action working to ensure that salt is iodized forever, protecting the health and developing brains and learning ability of children everywhere.

Their existing site was outdated and did not in any way reflect their forward-thinking brand or the impact they have across the globe. The client reached out to me to help them design their new website.

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The focus was to design a website that could make sense of an overwhelming amount of content, while making pages more engaging and creating a streamlined user journey.

Additionally, new content was introduced to showcase their global programs and provide data illustrations from research.

IGN - blocks

Designing for the future

I explored various concepts to demonstrate how alternative routes had distinct impact on design and navigation until we agreed a route that utilised and matched what we considered a very strong offline brand.

Knowing that the website was going to be built in WordPress and eventually maintained by the client, I needed to build a design system that was easy to understand and adopt. Deciding to approach the visuals on a component basis gave the client flexibility to build pages and add blocks of content that would vary in style to ensure it was easy to digest regardless of volume.