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Guiding a charity through a complete redesign and rebuild.

Geese theatre company

After being left frustrated by unreliable vendors, it was time for this charity to go back to the start and create a website that would help them showcase the work that they do, in a system that was easy to use and maintain.

With performances, group work and training programmes, Geese use theatre to enable people in criminal justice and social welfare settings to make positive changes. How could we describe and demonstrate the type and range of work they offer to an assorted user group, specifically without using ‘walls of content’? How could we increase awareness and sign up for events and donations?

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  • Workshops
  • Wireframing
  • Creative direction
  • Front end development
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  • Front end & wordpress : 16by9

Geese home page

What are we doing and
who are we doing it for?

To gather everything we needed to provide the best solution, we ran a 1 day workshop. It was a long day but Geese were really engaging and had a lot to discuss. We listened, a lot.

During the workshop we learnt how different stakeholders viewed the business. We explored their target audience and grouped some personas with hands on, practical sessions. These workshops are really useful to provide a direction to the projects, it gets everybody involved, giving them their opportunity for input but most importantly, it helps us, as outsiders, understand who they are and what they do.

What type of business are you? What do you want people to say about you?
Geese persona work
Exploring all types of visitors before grouping to realistic personas.

After lunch we explored some content types and eventually produced a sitemap before we started sketching out some ideas for some of the more important pages. We listened, some more – an informal discussion highlighted particular sketches and elements of interest which might function effectively and optimally for an end user.

The output from this workshop was a printed ‘Discovery Workshop’ document.

Sketching workshops encourage discussion and explore potential routes for design phase

How is this going to work?
What’s does it look like?

Before any design work begins, we start with wireframes. This ensures we focus on user journey’s and easy of navigation using given content that would feature in the final production.

Geese wireframes
Wireframe examples used in this project

The visual approach merged their current brand guidelines with a modern, best practice design approach. We wanted a clean and stylish, accessible website that was easy to digest and navigate whilst illustrating the depth of their offering. We wanted to create a solution that everybody would be proud of, a website they’d want to share and shout about. Integrating it with WordPress gave them everything they will need to manage and maintain over the coming years.

We’re all really happy with the outcome. The team at Geese were a pleasure to work with throughout and we already have plans to improve areas of the website, in particular to speed up some of the time consuming back end admin tasks.